6 January 2010 – Pasta with Wells Sauce and Pesto

Went to the freezer tonight. This is pretty ridiculous, since I was actually home all day. I planned on making bean stroganoff, from Diet from a Small Planet, but the soybeans were a bit strange and I am going to retry with new ones, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps Sunday.

Spaghetti with Wells Sauce and Pesto; zucchini with red onions

So, we have Wells Sauce – our name for a basic tomato sauce by Patricia Wells (Patricia Wells At Home in Provence – superb cookbook) in the freezer, and also pesto cubes. We make pesto (by which I mean with basil, unless otherwise specified) and when we have a lot, we freeze it in ice cube trays, then pop the cubes into freezer containers. Tonight I microwave-defrosted a 1 c. container of Wells sauce enough to chunk out 1/4 or 1/3 c. of it, and heated that in a tiny saucepan to make it slightly less runny. Defrosted 2 pesto cubes by setting them out on the counter in a little pyrex bowl for awhile. I added some olive oil to these to make them ‘streakable’, but apparently not enough.

Cooked 5 oz. spaghetti (Garofalo, from Costco) in salted water till al dente, tossed with the Wells sauce to coat, and then streaked the pesto over it. The extra 1 oz spaghetti was for lunch tomorrow, and I have tucked it (w/ wells, pesto) into the fridge in a microwave container. No, it won’t be as good (for one thing, this will cook the pesto) but as work lunches go, it will be terrific.

Also quartered (lengthwise) a few inches of a mediumish zucchini (perhaps 10″ long overall, used perhaps 1/3 of it) and sliced thickly, sauteed slowly in oil with a half a red onion (chopped) that I found languishing in the fridge, salt and pepper.  We had the rest of the two bottles of red wine we had the previous two nights. Still have bread from a couple of days ago, but that is running out about lunchtime. D can’t make bread tomorrow, so I may punt a pizza. I guess I’ll find out…

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