9 January 2010 – “Ligurian Pork Chops”, semolina with bay, broccoli

Wow, this was good. D suggested that we have Patricia Wells’ Semolina with Bay instead of rice with the pork chops from “Recipes from Paradise”, a cookbook about Liguria (Italy, northwest coast). It worked really well! One thing I love about this pork chop recipe is that it can be made from stuff we always have on hand, either in the freezer (chop) or on kitchen shelves.Ligurian pork chops, semolina with bay, broccoli


The pork chops are marinated in oil, wine, and vinegar, garlic matches, salt and pepper. Then they are browned in butter in a saucepan, and the marinade is poured in. Black olives are added (I used pitted Nicoise from Cheese Board) and the chop is cooked for 30 or more minutes. A great way to have pork chops not dry out! D and I commonly split one Costco pork chop, which is about 1/2 pound, as it is 1 1/2 – 2 inches thick (boneless, with excellent trim). As you can see, I slice the chop and arrange it over the starch (usually Thai Jasmine Rice where the semolina is today) and then pour the marinade-turned-cooking-liquid over everything. The semolina recipe is basically to boil milk (1pt) with one bay leaf and 1tsp salt, carefully feather in 1/2 c. semolina, and stir till cooked – just a few minutes. At this point one is supposed to add 1/4c. parmesan and a tiny bit of nutmeg, but I forgot. Probably just as well for this particular dinner. Leftover semolina can be fried in patties – a great side dish for lunch. Broccoli was just steamed 4 minutes, then salted and tossed /heated in butter.

We had a Calstar Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge for some other reason, and I suggested it for dinner. It was a terrific match!blog100109w

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