10 January 2010 – Bean Stroganoff, avocado and olive salad

A flash from the past tonight. I made Bean Stroganoff from Diet for a Small Planet, a book we have had since something like 1974. Not sure the exact date, which we were puzzling over tonight. Alas, we did not write the ‘where and when’ in the book when we bought it. One always thinks one will remember. One is always wrong.

Bean Stroganoff; avocado and olive salad

The bean stroganoff is served over a bed of bulgur (cracked wheat), which I cooked, at the book’s suggestion, like a pilaf – cook several minutes in oil, then add the water (already hot) and cook till the water is absorbed.

I decided romaine would have to serve the role of green veggie tonight. Avocado is a health food, according to the fiber chart our gastroenterologist gave us. So there. Olives are good for the soul, even though salty.

I want to cook more soybeans. They cook up so nicely, and hold their shape even when very soft, and of course, they’re complete protein. I pre-soaked these by boiling for 2 minutes, then covering and letting sit for a few hours (one hour is supposed to be sufficient). Then I rinsed them a couple of times and covered with 3 volumes of water (3c. swollen soy beans [started as 1c. dry] and 9c. water). I pressure-cooked these (watching carefully) for 35 minutes. Soybeans do not seem to foam up as other legumes do, so pressure cooking is much easier/less hazardous/less stressful.

Diet for a Small Planet consists of recipes that make complete proteins by combining foods that are incomplete, but complete each other. The classic, of course, is beans and corn – yer basic burrito. Low lysine in one, and excess methionine; high lysine in the other, and low methionine. Together: excellent protein.

Had a couple of glasses of a favorite wine – Protocolo – a Spanish red from Jorge Ordonez. We both thought a white might have gone better with this meal. I expect the last time we had Bean Stroganoff, we didn’t have wine with it…

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