11 January 2010 – savory pancakes with bacon, lemon, and bitter greens; pear salad

I am reminded why 1) I rarely make this dish and 2) I still do make it. Wow, it is delicious! But wow, is it a lot of work…savory pancakes with bacon and bitter greens

D noted the other day that we had a substantial dandelion crop in the front yard. Spring, the 11th of January. We were also scheduled to run out of bread in time for dinner, so that combination made it an ideal time for this dinner-that-does-not-want-bread-but-needs-dandelion-greens. The dish contains three savory pancakes (flour, egg, melted butter, scallions, salt, baking powder) stacked with layers of steamed dandelion greens and bacon between them, and topped with butter, melted, with minced parsley and lemon juice mixed in. Major wow.

The reason it is such a major endeavor is that it has so many parts, and also that the parts can be complicated. Cook the bacon, mix and cook the pancakes,

and the big one: harvest, wash, dry, and de-stem 70 dandelion leaves.

I was at a loss to figure out something to go with it, when I noticed a beautiful red pear D had bought the other day. It was just perfectly ripe, so I made a salad of red-leaf lettuce, walnuts (we keep a Costco bag in the freezer) pear slices, and dressing (red raspberry vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper).

We had a New Zealand “Sam’sCreek” Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge that was recommended by the wine man at Grocery Outlet. $2.99. It wasn’t as outstanding at good ol’ Nobilo, but then, it wasn’t $10.95, either. It really was a perfect match to the dinner – both dishes – so much so I wrote it into the recipe book.

The pancake dish is from Potager by Georgeanne Brennan – one of our truly spectacular cookbooks.

OK, I give up trying to get the pictures where I want them. Maybe later.

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