16 January 2010 – pasta with wild mushrooms, peapods, pear salad

Oh, this was so good! And it was an afterthought, too. I expected I’d have a bunch of grilled, herbed eggplant left over from last night, and would make an eggplant, grilled red pepper and feta pasta (a fave). No dice. I kept only enough eggplant for two eggplant/aioli sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. What to do, worthy of a Saturday dinner? (=good wine!) I remembered the fabulous spread of mushrooms available at the Bowl lately, so decided on a simple pasta tossed with mushrooms sauteed in butter, with salt and pepper. Where’s the protein? I stuck the rest of the roquefort from the pasta Thursday night into a pear salad, with red raspberry and olive oil (S&P) dressing. For a veggie, I steamed peapods for one minute, and then later reheated them briefly in a tablespoon of butter (and salted them). I do love this on the black Russel Wright Iroquois plates, too…

pasta with wild mushrooms, pea pods, pear and roq salad

The mushrooms are “hen-of-the-woods”, pioparello, and nameko.

I knew I loved hen-of-the-woods, but the other two were just a “what the heck” choice. The msrms were all about $13/lb, and ended up costing almost $7, so this was a somewhat expensive meal.

OTOH, the pea pods sounded expensive at $2.69/lb, but two servings cost only 48 cents, which has to be a bargain.

I bought this Chalk Hill Chardonnay at Costco a long time ago (it’s a 2002) and never manage to think a meal will be worthy of it. Fortunately, I thought of it tonight – it was a great wine for this meal! Also, we’re going to Costco tomorrow 😉

The bread was beautiful again. What can I say?

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