20 January 2010 – Leftover leftover leftovers?

Not really 🙂 This wasn’t a re-cook of last night’s pasta sauce, it was a re-cook of another portion of the previous night’s defrosted freezer mystery. D added brown mushrooms, and a crisped slice of bacon, to the sauce. It was great!

defrosted fresh-tomato sauce with new mushrooms and bacon

We had the rest of the previous nights’ wines – the Douro and the Cheval – neither of which complained about being rebottled for a day or two. In fact, we both thought the Douro  benefited from being oxidized a bit.

D made bread today, and it was, of course, gorgeous. He put a bit of semolina in it. Otherwise, it was white bread flour. We put the bread on a board cut side down to keep it as fresh as possible. The bottom is kinda cool looking, too 🙂

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