23 January 2010 – Grilled lamb, semolina with bay, sautee mix

Tonight’s dinner was specially chosen for a wine that was given to me last week – a Corbieres. We have loved Corbieres since we met them.

grilled lamb, semolina with bay, sautee mix

I defrosted 12 lamb kebab chunks (from a Costco New Zealand leg of lamb, which I cut up as soon as I buy them, and freeze in 6-chunk portions) and marinated them in thyme (from the garden), lemon juice, and garlic. We have a grill on our range, so we can grill, though obviously not with charcoal, all year. The saute mix from the Bowl was really good the other night, as well as being beautiful (at least before cooking) so I got some more of that.

D suggested more semolina with bay from Patricia Wells (he is becoming quite the semolina advocate) so we had that, too. Everything went together beautifully! The bread was gorgeous, as usual, and the wine – Chateau de Vaugelas, 2007 – was excellent. D wants to buy a case of it! 🙂

I kept hearing about some new apples – I think they are “Honey Crisp”? – and they looked beautiful, so I bought some at the Bowl. We had one for dessert, and it was delicious! No, it was honey crisp…

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