26 January 2010 – beef stew; salad

D made the most wonderful beef stew! We were talking last weekend about the “winter things” we had not yet made this year, and he decided he’d make a beef stew. I pointed out he could make it on the weekend (he countered: or some night just not in time for dinner) and then serve it on a later night. He actually was working on it last night when I got home late from losing my keys at TJ’s. The  basic ingredients were beef, carrots, Yukon Gold potaotes. He added all sorts of stuff, like some old wine that was too oxidized to drink (Kermit Lynch Beaujolais Nouveau), juniper berries, and … orange zest!

beef stew, salad - Christmas!

It was really delicious! We made it a “Christmas” – a dinner to drink my wine-of-the-month Christmas gift from him – and had an excellent wine imported by Eric Staufenegger. D also made a relatively simple salad with romaine, celery and scallions, but the dressing, with champagne vinegar, really made it sparkle.

The bread was stunningly beautiful again. {{sigh}} what else is there to say about the bread? D made it with 1/6 whole wheat and 1/6 semolina. It rose to be seriously close to a semi-circle in cross-section. Very wow. This is NYT no-knead bread, which is almost all we eat nowadays.

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