27 January 2010 – Dinner at Mezze!

Mezze has a series of prix-fixe menus from different countries bordering the Mediterranean. Tonight was Lebanon. It was also a ‘no corkage’ night. D and I took R for a treat. There were three main dish offerings. I agonized over the known: kofta kebabs; the obviously fascinating: chicken in sumac; and the possibly boring, possibly amazing: eggplant casserole, served with Lebanese flatbread.

Mezze eggplant casserole with Lebanese flatbread

D and R chose the meats, and upon rec of the waitperson, I chose the eggplant. It was really wonderful, and I was very happy to have chosen it. It’s hard to go wrong at Mezze.

Here is R’s chicken:

Here is one of the appetizers, the drief beef, and garbanzo salad. Quite excellent!

D chose a wine from Two-Mile, an outstanding Berkeley winery way over our price range, unless they are heavily discounted, in which case they get down to our special occasion prices. The wine was probably the best part of dinner, despite how excellent the food was (as usual at Mezze).

D had baklava for dessert, which came with vanilla ice cream. R and I had “champagne sorbet” which R declared tasted like milk or rice pudding. Not like champagne. D passed out bits of the baklava, which was superb, and in truth went marvelously with the sorbet – perhaps better than with the ice cream, it was said.

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