30 January 2010 – Foccacia and cheeses; brussels sprouts with bacon

Well, I forgot to start the bread last night, so I either had to start it with extra yeast early this morning, or buy bread, or do something else. The “something else” was to make a foccacia, which I don’t do very often – mostly, I think, b/c I don’t think of it. Also b/c it’s hard to start with the bread course and build a good dinner around it. Fortunately, this happened on a day when Cheese Board was open, so I could get some excellent cheeses to spread on the foccacia. We had bacon, still, so the veggie we decided on was an old favorite, brussels sprouts with bacon from the Victory Garden Cookbook (aka the Joy of Vegetables 🙂 Still didn’t use up the bacon, so I wonder what will become of the last 2 pieces.

I put large sea salt and rosemary on top of the foccacia along with oil – not unusual, but good. The recipe is from Recipes from Paradise, by Fred Plotkin, and our Italian teacher was very impressed by it a few years ago, so I guess it’s quite authentic. One secret is to spray the oven walls with water three times in the first ten minutes of baking (total: 25). Here’s the before, during, and after:

The cheeses were a robiola and…. I don’t remember! I’m going to have to go back and get the name of the other one b/c it was quite excellent – by itself, and also with the foccacia. I also got Gaeta and pitted Nicoise olives at Cheese Board, and we had some of those, too.

D brought up an Eric Stauffenegger wine that we like a lot, and it went very well with the meal.

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