31 January 2010 – Chicken Piccata with Thai Jasmine Rice; sautee mix

This is an altered version of a Chicken Piccata recipe from epicurious that I make from time to time. I love that is is made from ingredients we pretty much always have around. I need to make a list of “pantry recipes” that I can make without forethought, like this one.

Chicken Piccata, thai jasmine rice, sautee mix

Instead of slicing the chicken breasts lengthwise into thin sheets, I cut them crosswise into bite-sized pieces. I sautee them in oil and butter till they show some browning, and I know they are thoroughly cooked. Then I add the white wine and the lemon juice, capers and parsley. I serve this over Thai Jasmine Rice, which goes nicely with a whole lot of things. Tonight I added sautee mix for my veggie, b/c I can’t resist how beautiful it looks in the store (to cook: oil, garlic cooked for maybe 30 sec till fragrant, greens added and sauteed till wilted, some water added to steam a bit).

We had a bottle of Sam’s Creek Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge, and had that with dinner. It was quite the right thing. I like this photo though it is not really about seeing the wine bottle. The wine has appeared clearly in previous pix.

I was trying to figure out how to serve an essentially white meal, using the black placemats – which presumably would have white plates on them – when my Russel Wright plates popped into my mind. The grey are the most beautiful, IMO, and they worked well with this meal.

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