8 February 2010 – Omelette with salsa, avocados, and Monterey jack

Well, I’m glad this one came to me. There was a neighborhood meeting that lasted till 8:30 tonight, and of course I chatted with people a bit afterwards, before walking the one block home. I really started cooking just before 9, which would be appropriate in Madrid, but not in Berkeley when one works in the morning.

omelette with avocados and salsa, MJack

However, I know this omelette well. It is, in fact, one of my favorite breakfasts 🙂 One egg, a splash of milk, salt, pepper, mix well. Cook in butter, squidging up the edges and letting the uncooked parts run out to the sides to get to the pan and cook. Grate Monterey jack over one half. Put fresh salsa over the cheese (ideally, leave on low to heat to warm the salsa so it doesn’t make the omelette cold). Place avocado wedges in a pretty arrangement over the top. I added a couple of slices of toast from R’s bread that he had left over, which I sliced and froze for such occasions. Accompanied by new house white Sam’s Creek Sauvignon Blanc, which, being incredibly cheap at Grocery Outlet, is a constant presence in the fridge. Not bad for a quickie dinner 🙂

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