15 February 2010 – Spaghetti with pesto, teeny bread, veggies

When I made the pizza with Wells sauce and pesto on I think Friday, I noted that there was only one remaining pesto cube in the freezer.   =Danger, Will Robinson=   Then when I went to the Bowl on Sunday and was looking at the basil, I suddenly noticed large bags – R calls them “pillows” – of basil stems with these absolutely huge leaves, for $4.98/lb. The bag was something near a pound, so about $5 a bag. So I bought it. Tonight I had planned to make all the basil into pesto, and then make a pasta for dinner with more of the pear tomatoes and goat cheese and sage. Making the pesto and also cleaning the kitchen took long enough – and of course the pesto was sitting there all fresh and green and new and beautiful – that I decided I ought to have it for dinner. Ate some of the pear tomatoes (not great this time of year, but amusing) and a nice carrot for veggies. I made NYTimes no-knead bread today in two small loaves instead of one normal one. Are they ever cute!

I saved out two stems of basil for other uses and made 19 stems into pesto, which was 10 cups (loosely packed) of basil leaves. Using a recipe from Patricia Wells as a guide but not a straight-jacket, I added about 6-7  cloves of garlic (barely too much) and 5 oz of parmesan (not enough). Couldn’t take back the garlic, but I grated a bunch more parmesan into the Cuisinart and that improved the pesto mightily. Amazing to be just glugging olive oil into the Cuisinart, but still have the pesto come out on the dry side.

It’s amazing, too, how small a volume all that foliage comes to when cuised. I filled one ice cube tray with pesto, and there was perhaps another 1/2 cup or so that I kept out (having nowhere else to put it) in a little dish in the fridge for near-future use. Had a leftover wine that was in a smaller bottle, so don’t know which one it was. Good though. Again, I don’t know where my picture downloader is at the moment (it didn’t turn up today) so I will have to add the photos I took at a later time. Owel.

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