17 February 2010 – Linguine with tomatoes, sage, and goat cheese

This is a variant of a favorite recipe from The Pasta Bible – a great cookbook. I had intended to make this previously, but ran out of time, so had pesto instead that night. I had since eaten up some of the stash of 59 cents/lb tiny pear tomatoes I had bought, and I didn’t feel like doing the usual herb prep, so I punted this a bit. As it turned out, I liked it better this way.

For two of us, I minced a couple cloves of garlic and chopped maybe 1/4 of an onion, and heated these till translucent in a bit under 1/4c. of olive oil. Added perhaps 1/4 cup, perhaps more, of Wells sauce, and the remaining tomatoes, sliced in half lengthwise. After a few minutes, added a pile of chopped sage (storebotten) perhaps 2T, but not measured, and let it cook a few minutes to blend flavors. When the linguine was done and drained, I mixed about 2 ox of Laura Chenel goat cheese into the sauce, and tossed the pasta with it. I had heated the bowls using pasta cooking water. I decided some fresh veggies would be more appealing with this meal than something hot, so we had carrots, celery, and cauliflower, plus some picholine and Nicoise olives. It was a particularly yummy meal, I thought. We had an Epicuro Aglianico with this, and it worked fine.

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