20 February 2010 – Scaloppini of pork with pancetta and sage

This was a recipe I found in the Contra Costa Times when Nicholas Boer was the food editor. It’s extremely thin-sliced pork, pancetta, a few sage leaves, cooked with garlic, vin santo or marsala, and some pork sugo. It’s supposed to be served over polenta, but I decided to go with Thai jasmine rice this time b/c it was easy.

The hardest part was slicing two Costco (read: humongous – more than 1/2 lb each) boneless pork chops into wafers less then 1/8 inch thick. This was made easier by the fact that the chops had not entirely defrosted since I moved them from freezer to fridge last night, and was also made harder by that fact. Fingers HURT when frozen!

I sliced some zucchini on my Benriner (gift from R) and sauteed it in oil with some fresh-ground pepper for a nice veggie. We had Le Paradou Cotes du Luberon with this, which D thought was not the best match. However, the wine is so good, how can we complain 🙂

A word on the fabulously beautiful (as usual) bread: made a mistake with our New York Times no-knead bread, and forgot to start its 3-hour endgame by 4pm. Ordinarily, it is taken from its rising bowl and folded a couple of times, then either left on a cutting board (D) or put into a proofing bowl (moi) for 2 hours under a cloth. 30 minutes before the time is up, we preheat the oven to 450; when the rise is done, we put the bread into its cast-iron pot, and after 35 minutes, we remove the lid of the pot and cook usually for another 20 minutes. OK, today we forgot to start at 4pm (for dinner at 7ish) and didn’t remember the bread till almost 6pm. Oops. It was hugely risen, though (having been started earlier than necessary yesterday). We thought: why wait the extra  1 1/2 hours… and we preheated the oven for 20 minutes and cooked the bread. It’s absolutely perfect. This recipe is practically indestructible!

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