6 March 2010 – Grilled salmon, potatoes with parsley, and a remarkable condiment

This was the second fish I acquired pretty much by accident last week (see Tuna). At the Bowl on Friday, a staffer in the wine section told me about a Portuguese wine that had fruit and spice, and would go well with a spicy meal, so I wanted to do something neat with the salmon to go with that wine (which was only $9.95). I found what turned out to be a most excellent recipe in one of the grilling books by Weber – which is not a surprise. Almost every Weber recipe I have tried has been excellent and interesting. D ran to the Bowl for a couple of things I needed, which made it possible for me to do the cooking for this meal. And it turned out great!

Salmon fand condiment rom Weber

Weber suggests cooking fish on a well-preheated, but unoiled, grill – oil the fish well, and cook the flesh side first, for more than half the cooking time. When the surface carmelizes such that the fish can be lifted off the grill with tongs, that side is done. (Ok, that didn’t work – some fish stuck to the grill despite being quite well cooked.) Flip, cook a shorter time, and then slide a spatula between flesh and the skin that is now on the grill side, and move the fish to serving plates. That does work – good method. This fish had toasted sesame oil on it instead of the usual, and also pepper, both per the recipe.

The really nifty bit was the condiment/veggie: seedless (English) cucumber marinated in a large variety of things: serrano chili, fish oil, soy sauce, garlic, mint, cilantro, sugar… it all goes together into a necessary and wonderful dish to combine with the fish. Another Wow from Weber.

Finished with an easy starch: just cleaned and boiled some little potatoes (none needed more than quartering to be bite-sized) and kept warm in a T. of butter – tossed in some chopped parsley from the garden.

I mentioned the wine at the beginning – a Veedha Douro from 2007. Here it is. Also, I was pleased with the way the placemat blue went with the pink fish!

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