9 March 2010 – Spaghetti and (randomly mixed) tomato sauce with mushrooms

D cooks Tuesdays through Thursdays this term, so this is his meal – a punt, but as usual for him, very good.

He started with a can of tomatoes, and intended to add some basil leaves that I had not used when making pesto back in the paleolithic. Unfortunately, basil leaves do not last for geologic periods, so they were not happy. Fortunately, D had some mushrooms, and there were other nifty items in the fridge – a bit of olive tapenade from a pizza I made, and some pesto I made, too. He put in a little of each, and it was a fascinating and delicious taste. He also steamed some broccoli and tossed it in a tiny bit of butter. I think we had the Epicuro Salice Salentino with this (I’m entering this one on the 12th but still pretty certain this is correct).

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