18 March 2010 – Pasta with fresh peas and really fresh ricotta

More amazing dinners this week… D put together ricotta made yesterday (see below) with freshly shelled peas and a bit of (remembering from the 26th and looking at the pix) prosciutto? to make a wonderful and unusual pasta.

On Wednesday when M&N were up, M showed us how to make Ricotta cheese from scratch. You take a quart of milk and a cup of buttermilk (a size we can now buy at the Bowl – begone, buttermilk quarts!) and heat below boiling till the mixture curdles, then strain in cheesecloth in a strainer. D kept the whey to use for something later. This was the first use of the curds. Here’s a closeup:

We had the ends of two leftover wines with this – L’Authentique and probably the leftover Chateau Nenines Bordeaux from Sunday.

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