11 May 2010 – Insta-pizza with Wells sauce and pesto

We were running out of bread, and it was getting rather dry anyway, so this potential pasta sauce turned into an insta-pizza instead.

The “insta-pizza” uses a quick-crust recipe, half whole wheat, from Patricia Wells’ 2008-ish cookbook “Vegetables at the Center of the Plate”. It’s good, but it doesn’t match a fresh (or defrosted) regular risen crust. It uses rapid rise yeast, and is rolled rather than patted and stretched into shape. This one burnt a bit around the edges. It was ok but not great. I once did a pizza with these two main ingredients that was super, but I haven’t recreated that feat. Anyway: crust cooked ~ 1 1/2 minutes, then brushed with oil, thin-sliced red onions tossed on, some part-skim mozz from Costco, grated, Wells sauce (from Patricia Wells at Home in Provence – I think it’s just called “tomato sauce”) defrosted and cooked down to thicken, with added marjoram from the garden b/c why not. Then the rest of 5 oz (total) mozz. Cooked 6 more minutes – too long, IMO, for this crust, at least at 500 degrees. Took two pesto cubes from the freezer, defrosted for 8 seconds twice in the microwave, mixed in more oil for  easy spreading, and daubed on after the pizza was cooked. I think I have cooked in the pesto in the past, but this ought to be better, not worse. Anyway, a good but not great pizza. Much better than Domino’s, no match for Cheese Board.

We had the remainders of the bottles of Aglianico and Archetype cab/shiraz, which were fine with this.

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