15 May 2010 – Two pizzas for three people

D’s Dad P is here, and we made two pizzas for dinner. Did have some leftovers, of course!

I added some dried basil and some garlic (cooked in oil several seconds) to the small bit of leftover spaghetti sauce D made earlier this week. This was to make it taste more like a pizza sauce with less of a tomato paste presence. D sliced some red onions very thin. After pre-cooking the crust a couple minutes, I brushed it with oil and tossed on the onion slices, then daubed on the very thick sauce, spreading it out very thin to make it fit the pizza. put on very thin slices of Fra Mani sausage, and then abou5 6 oz grated mozzarella.

The other pizza was my current favorite, chard and goat cheese pizza, which is from Epicurious. The difference between my version and theirs comes from one of the comments on the recipe. I took the cleaned and sliced chard; sauteed a huge, minced clove of garlic briefly and added the chard, and cooked till it calmed down quite a bit. Added a smidge of water and let it steam, then left it till time to add to the pizza.

We had Monte Antico with this. It’s great 🙂

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