17 May 2010 – Dinner at Borobudur in San Francisco

Written the 27th:

We spent a couple of days in SF with P, and on the first, had dinner at Borobudur, an Indonesian restaurant near where we stayed. The meal was very good. We shared a serving of their fried bread, and also of… number 47 (based on the rec of the next table over), which I will have to look up on the receipt when I get home. This is #47.

And this is “Roti Prata” which was highly recommended by people online. It was great.

For our wine, D chose a trusted name, Ecco Domani, which we have had before from Costco and I think TJ’s. I don’t think we’ve had the pinot grigio before, but it was good and worked fine with the meal.

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