12 June 2010 – St. Columba’s Day dinner for R – grilled, marinated beef; rice; yau choi; wine to die for

(Written the 14th)

R has a Saint’s Day, which seems odd for a non-theist, but this saint – Columba – is so appropriate for a bookie (as in foodie – not as in betting person). We were a couple days late, but what the heck – we’ll take any excuse for a good meal 🙂

Found a recipe in Weber’s Real Grilling (the big brown paperback one) for top sirloin marinated in sesame oil, ginger, etc., and since R loves ginger almost as much as books (well, that’s a bit of hyperbole) D and I decided on it. It turned out to be quite delicious!

The beef chunks are interspersed with the white parts of scallions, which seem to cook just fine in the time the beef needs.

We had Thai jasmine rice to go with it, and yau choi cooked by R in his most excellent way. He lays the cleaned leaves in a stack and curls them up, then cuts them crosswise as thin as possible. He sautees just a bit of onion (red) and garlic, minced, in rather a lot of oil (for collards, he uses bacon grease) for just a minute or two, then covers the pan and lets them sit. They are bright and just crispy enough to be.. well… perfect!

The wine we had with this was incredibly good, but then, it was also incredibly expensive (we managed to hit a major sale, which is why we had it!)

Dessert was a flash from the past – C’s recipe for strawberry parfait pie, for which I had to hunt down a package of lemon jello! The pie turned out rather yellower than D remembered, but was quite yummy and refreshing on this hot (for us) day.

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