13 June 2010 – Eggplant “sandwiches” on the grill – Weber strikes again!

I was craving this dish, which I’d cooked at least once before, and couldn’t find it in my cookbooks. Turns out it is a “starter” rather than a “vegetable dish”. My only tiff with Weber. ONLY. Really. I’ll use the Index to find it from now on.

This was in the brown Weber book called “Real Grilling”.  Amazing stuff: for each person, four oil-brushed eggplant slices are grilled – two on both sides, two on one side only (4 mins direct medium heat). The one-sided slices are placed grilled-side-up, and topped with a roasted red pepper puree (salt and oil added), then prosciutto and fresh mozarella, then basil, and finally the completely-grilled eggplant slice.

They are then replaced on the grill for a couple of minutes till they are heated through, and the cheese melts. The result is a real Wow.

I refried some brown rice from a few nights ago with some sauteed onions, and added a bit of butter, and that went quite well as a side dish. The wine was also good:

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