15 June 2010 – “Virginia Lee’s Chicken and Cold Noodles with Spicy Sauce”

I got this recipe from a colleague maybe… 15 years ago, and finally checked out the notation that it is from the 60-Minute Gourmet… which I seem to have picked up somewhere. Pierre Franey is the author. My colleague brought this to a potluck and I loved it – still do. D was very appreciative, too. It’s easy and really delicious.

You start by boiling a chicken (half-)breast in water, then follow by cooking egg noodles in the same water (no salt). I used fettucine b/c I had forgotten to buy egg noodles. What is the difference between egg fettucine and egg noodles? Possibly some delicacy in the thickness of the noodles? The fettucine needs to be broken into shorter bits, that’s one thing.

Mixing sesame oil, peanut oil, minced garlic, soy sauce, red wine vinegar, chili sauce (I used tobasco) and sesame tahini makes the sauce. Anyway, you run cold water over the noodles to cool them and drain well, tear up the chicken into bits, and strew over the noodles, and pour the sauce over the whole thing. My colleague brought this to a potluck, for which it is ideally suited, as it is a cold dish, and you could bring cooked, broken up chicken tossed over cooked noodles, and then drizzle the sauce over at the last minute.

I got a mix of sautee-able greens at the Bowl and just sauteed them rather briefly in oil and then put the lid on and let them steam in whatever water they had in them. This was good. Had an opened bottle of Sam’s Creek Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge, and it went well with the meal. I decided Sam’s deserved another picture here.

Oh, and the bread was perfectly adorable. Couldn’t resist:

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