17 June 2010 – Spaghetti with defrosted sauce; salad

Had a bathtub to clean after my workout today, and a guest room to spruce up, so I took this spaghetti sauce out of the freezer a couple of days ago and put it into the fridge to defrost. It had mushrooms and hamburger in it, though not a lot of either, and I think also a cut-up Costco pork chop. I added large-torn basil leaves that were left over from the eggplant sandwich and pizza dinners, and served it over spaghetti, with freshly grated parmesan over top. It was quite good. I can’t take credit for the sauce, which D made in May.

The salad was romaine, washed, spun, dried, and put back in the fridge till dinnertime, some scallion slices (above the white, which was used in the grilled beef dinner) and some celery slices – just a bit, from an inside branch. I discovered I still had less than(?) an ounce of Cotswold cheese I got from the Bowl last week. It has inclusions of some kind, which I oddly had trouble sorting out. Could be chives? Anyway, an interesting eating cheese. I decided to make a dressing out of red wine vinegar and olive oil (S&P) and moosh the cheese in it, too. That worked splendidly – enough so that I am tempted to buy more of the cheese just to make up the dressing again. I put one nasturtium’s petals on each of our salads, after drizzling on the dressing.

The wine was an old friend: L’Authentique, which we get for a shockingly small amount of money at TJ’s. We really enjoyed it a lot.

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