18 June 2010 – Dinner at Chez Panisse!

Our friend N had a birthday on Friday the 18th, and invited D, R, and me to join her and M for their celebration dinner at the renowned Chez Panisse. It was, as expected and as usual, an outstanding meal. Dinner started with an “apertif”, which turned out to be a sparkling wine, served with picholine olives marinated in lemon and a touch of coriander. This was followed by a salad plate, with summer squashes with oil and basil, marinated red and yellow beets, fennel pieces, chervil, and “garlic saucisson”.

We had a wine we knew from Clos Saron that they call “Carte Blanche”, which went well with the salad, but even better with the pan-fried soft-shell crab with lemon and parsley:

We even bought a second bottle of this wine, b/c we were almost out when the crab came.

The main course was “Paine Farm squab grilled over fig wood”, cut into practically bite-sized pieces, squab liver toast, fava beans, pickled cherries, and rocket.It was a remarkable set of foods, both individually and together.

With this we had a red wine recommended by our server, who brought us a glass to taste and consider. The bottle says “Sanvalentino / Rosso Umbria – Umbria Red Wine / Antica Azienda Agricola Paolo Bea, Vignaiolo in Montefalco”. We thought it was a great match to the food.

For dessert we had a three-ice-cream “bombe” with a curlicue fried cookie that was incredibly delicate and delicious.

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