21 June 2010 – Pasta with favas and mint; salad with heirloom tomato and avocado

We had some fava beans left over that we didn’t cook on Saturday, and D suggested re-trying the pasta we made to go with the sausages, but tweaking it a little.

The beans were out of their large pods, but still in their skins. I blanched them 2 minutes (these were big, older ones), and popped them out of their skins. I mashed up maybe a quarter of the beans, but later we decided I could have done as much as half of them. I cooked a clove of garlic briefly in 2T oil (for 2 ppl) and added the mashed beans (which were still rather particulate – did not make a paste, even with the oil) and pretty much turned off the heat right then. When the fettucine was (were?) drained, I tossed it with the fava sauce and whole beans, and then added in spearmint leaves (four huge), with stems cut out, and the leaves cut into thin strips.

The salad was simple but for one detail. It was just red-leaf lettuce with a cut up heirloom tomato our friends M&N got at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and then kindly left at our house, and a large CA avocado from the Bowl. I made a dressing using red wine vinegar about 1:4 with some oil I got at Ghirardelli Square back in May: Basil and Garlic Grapeseed Oil from Chateau St. Jean in Sonoma. This was a big Wow – I thought it matched the salad beautifully – which is good b/c it cost a small fortune 😉

We had the remainders of two wines. The merlot from last night was still very good. So was the other one but we haven’t figured out yet which one it was…

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