27 June 2010 – Homemade Toulouse sausage, rice with peppers, baby bok choi

I came up with this dinner in a backwards way. Had rice to use up. Had multiple colors of sweet peppers left from a wonderful salad we had for lunch Saturday. Solution: sautee onions, then also cut-up peppers, briefly; mix with the rice and keep warm. Add in a bit of butter for yum, and a lot of salt (not relative to canned soups, just a lot of shakes of the shaker).

But what to have with it… sausages!

D pinched and twisted the Toulouse sausages last Saturday to many different lengths, so there were little ones available in the freezer that were appropriate single-serving sizes. I grilled them on our indoor/range grill for about 15 minutes over medium heat – slow cooking so as not to overcook the skin and leave the inside underdone. I managed to pop two of them into the fridge a day in advance, so they were perfectly defrosted before cooking.

Did we need another veggie with all those peppers? I sure had a lot of good veggies in the fridge, so decided to go ahead and cook two baby bok choi plants (were more like middle-school bok choi, given their size) in butter. It all worked very well together.

We had a new wine from the Bowl, which we both liked a lot. Wants a bit more breathing than we gave it, but we will surely buy more of it. I think it was about $10.
Here’s everything cooking on the Viking:

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