29 June 2010 – Spaghetti with favas, lemon, and Romano; avocado salad

D is cooking again. He harvested the remaining favas today and took out all the plants (about 9 of them, grown to our height or taller) and made them into one more variant on the pasta we’ve had a few times lately.

He as usual blanched the beans briefly in their inner peels, popped out the bright green beans, smooshed about half of them and added to garlic cooked in oil plus lemon zest, and tossed the mix with the cooked pasta. He used a carrot peeler to make large, thin slices of Romano to put over the top. It was quite tasty!

The salad also included garden fare – some lettuces (along with some of the red-leaf from the fridge), and an avocado, plus some more of the blanched, peeled favas. D used some accidentally leftover dressing from our lunch salad from Sunday – olive oil and sherry vinegar, salt and pepper, that sat for a few minutes with shallots and capers before I realized I had neglected to quarter the measurements of the oil and vinegar… anyway, I strained off the right volume of extra v&o and left it, covered, in a dish for future use – which it just got. Good salad!

We had the rest of the bottles of the Nero d’Avola and Coteaux du Languedoc from Sunday and Monday, and both were still good. D thought the Nero survived better and I thought the Languedoc did. We’re getting more of both of them in any case 🙂

Here are some garden gems D brought in this morning and used for dinner this evening:

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