30 June 2010 – Omelette with Emmentaler and scallions; turnips and cauliflower; grilled bread with favas

D is cooking now – it’s really fun to have two cooks – much more variety. He has practiced Julia Child’s way of making omelettes, so they are fluffy and light. This one was particularly tasty. He used two eggs (for two people) and some thinnish chunks of Emmentaler, and scallion slices. It was well salted – just enough – and exceptionally good.

He had a couple of turnips left unused from the bunch he bought to roast with a chicken awhile back – was that before I got home on the 8th?? – and some cauliflower I bought last week for munchies; he sliced and boiled them and served them with Romano peels over them. They were really good. Lastly he blanched and peeled another pile of favas (our next-to-last batch from the garden) and mashed them with oil and served them on grilled (oil-brushed) bread. We decided afterwards that if you want to mash favas you might ought to blanch them an extra minute or so to make them less particulate when they mash. But they were yummy. D put some of the peeled Romano over these toasts, too. A delicious meal. I don’t think I would have served it on white plates, though 🙂

The wine was another new $10 one from the Bowl. It reminded me of something very strongly, but I can’t put my finger on what it was. I definitely want to get more of this one, partly b/c I enjoyed it, but also b/c I want another try at figuring out what other wine tasted like that! This one is a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo by Capestrano.

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