6 July 2010 – Store-bought (Chicago-style) pizza with $100 wineS

M&N are leaving the area, and invited us to take-out-pizza dinner in their mostly-packed-up home. The pizza was excellent. This was fortunate, since the wines were… well… it’s about these wines…

Here’s dinner – at least the first pieces of pizza:

We started with a lovely salad (N makes excellent salads) while the half-baked pizzas baked fully.

Pizzas came out. Isn’t this a pretty pizza? Speaking of which, isn’t that dark wood table nice?

We had two deep-dish, Chicago-style pizzas. One spinach and mushroom, the other pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and extra cheese (obviously the one I suggested šŸ˜‰ ) Sumptuous!

So. M&N had these wines that they were unsure about – were they still good, having had a rather unpampered life? We were quite honored that we were part of finding that out. And the answer is: yes! Perhaps not what they might have been, but wow – really REALLY fine wines. They did, it should be noted, both go extremely well with the pizzas. N looked up one of the wines online and saw a price of $425… fortunately, that was for 4 bottles. But still. Probably this particular bottle would not have sold for that, having had a harder than normal life. But still.

Here are the wines:

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