12 July 2010 – Lamb chops; pilaf; yau choi; and yogurt with cucumbers and dill

I declared this a weekend meal (despite its being Monday), after I realized it was going to be pretty good 🙂

We bought lamb chops at Costco on Sunday, and I decided we really should have some before we froze the rest. That is why we ended up having lamb two nights in a row (or having meat as a main dish two nights in a row, which is also rather rare). I just picked some thyme and mixed in lemon juice and pepper for a marinade and let them sit maybe 45 minutes or so.

I remembered how good and easy pilaf is (and so much more interesting than plain rice) when I was trying to figure out how the yogurt with cucumbers and dill made sense. Over rice, of course, but over interesting rice if possible. The pilaf: I use a recipe from The Sultan’s Kitchen cookbook, varied at will. In this case: melt 4Tunsalted butter and stir in 1 1/2 c. basmati rice – stir and heat till coated. Add 2 1/2 cups broth that has been heated to boiling (in this case I used some frozen water-in-which-lamb-bits-had-been-boiled [not really stock], and, b/c that was not 2 1/2 cups, added water to complete it and a chicken boullion cube). I added 1/4 tsp salt (could have used more b/c the lamb juice was not salty, but it was fine), reduced to simmer, covered. After 15 minutes, turned off (still covered) to sit at least 5 minutes (more like 20).

I used Labneh for the yogurt sauce, and in this case it was too thick, so I thinned with some milk, and also squoze in a bit of lemon juice. Added quite a bit of chopped fresh dill and a bunch of English cucumber sliced fairly thin and then the slices quartered. It was quite thick with cucumber.

Bought some yau choi at the Bowl Saturday and used R’s technique of laying out the leaves, rolling them tightly into a tube, and slicing very thin (though I don’t think I made it even to 1/8 inch), then sauteeing briefly in too much fat (I used mostly olive oil, but a T or so butter) and covering to let sit till dinner (at least a couple of minutes). This leaves them somewhat crispy, but easy to eat b/c they are cut so thin.

So, we had a ‘weekend wine’, which we had had before, and luckily found at Costco for $11.49.

Bread was beautiful again 🙂

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