15 July 2010 – Lamburger in pita with yogurt sauce, tomato and lettuce; sauteed greens

This is the second lamb-in-pita recipe from Weber that I’ve done recently. This one had spices in the lamb – cinnamon and allspice, cardamom, pepper, salt, saffron – lots good stuff. I’ll look it up if you like but right now it’s the 23rd and about bedtime.

This recipe was from the red Weber book, and the previous one was from the brown  book, but they had the identical yogurt sauce recipe. For this lamburger, chopped tomatoes and lettuce were the topping (in addition to the yogurt sauce). I used Labneh – a very thick version of yogurt – for the sauce, which was convenient b/c the labneh stuck on the lamburger and could be applied before sticking the burger into the pita. Shoving the lettuce bits and tomato dice into the pita without breaking it was something of a challenge. D also allowed as how my pitas are better than storebought. Here I was, just trying to relax a bit…

The greens were a sautee mix from the Bowl. I rolled them and cut them into thin strips as R does, and sauteed them briefly in oil. We thought they were a bit on the bitter side for this preparation, and prefer the chois.

This wine was good, but nothing to write home about, despite the perfectly lovely graceful lines on the label.

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