18 July 2010 – Caprese salad; defrosted leftover foccacia

At Costco last week, we bought at least six different kinds of cheeses, which, in addition to those already in the fridge, left us with a heavy-duty commitment to eat a lot of cheese in the near future. Hard work, but somebody has to do it. The shortest lived of the cheeses was fresh buffalo mozzarella, which, I discovered while opening it, has an expiration date of the 21st, so it’s a good thing I got on it. This is Costco, recall, so there are four cheese balls in the container, where normally you get one per container. So when you start this, you really have a lot of cheese to eat.

D allowed as how he could a whole cheese ball, given we weren’t having anything else but the salad and some foccacia, so that’s what I made up for each of us. I also used a beautiful, sort of three-lobed large tomato I got at the Oakland Grand Lake farmers’ market on Saturday (salted the slices a bit before assembling), and some basil leaves from the garden. Finally, sprinkled on capers, and some tiny pieces of anchovy fillets (used one large fillet for two salads). I usually drizzle oil over the top, but when I noticed I had forgotten it, D had already tasted the salad ( he always starts dinner first – since I am busy photographing it!) and said it was fine without the oil.

D chose a second bottle of the same wine we had last night. This is going to become a serious favorite around here!

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