19 July 2010 – “Eggplant sandwiches” where the eggplant is the “bread”; grilled leftover foccacia; cold veggies

Well, the Costco Garofalo Buffalo Mozz needed to be eaten by the 21st, so I had to decide between a Caprese pizza, or another kind of pizza with buffalo mozz, or these eggplant things again. For some reason, these appealed to me more at the moment, so they won.

They begin with two slices of eggplant (each), one grilled on both sides, the other on one side only. The one-side-grilled slice is placed grilled-side-up, and a red pepper puree with salt and oil (see below) is spread on it, followed by a thin slice of prosciutto (folded to fit) a slice of fresh mozzarella, a basil leaf, and the fully-grilled eggplant slice. The only ungrilled portion is the bottom of the sandwich, so of course these are replaced on the grill for a few minutes till the eggplant is grilled and the cheese melted. I didn’t really leave them on long enough this time, but they were still good. The magic ingredient is the red pepper puree (one pepper, grilled, steamed by enclosing it, peeled, seeded and pureed with 1/2T olive oil and a generous 1/4tsp salt). However, the mix of flavors is really excellent overall.

One of the foccaciae I made on Friday I froze straightaway, and I took it out again last night for dinner. Refroze more than half of it after dinner, and took out before I left for work this morning. D&R had some for lunch, and D&I had the last bit for dinner. I tucked it into my panini press to heat it up and add interest, and it was really yummy.

We had the leftover portions of two wines with this, one the pretty bottle with a black label with wavy, drifty lines on it (obviously can’t remember the name) and the other last night’s new Barbera, which certainly won the toss. We will definitely get more of this!

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