20 July 2010 – Greek salad and bread

We’re doing tomatoes (despite the fact that it feels more like October than July…) and I had some feta and some cucumbers to use up, so this was a natural. It’s from Mediterranean the Beautiful, and is a staple around here in the summer.

Let’s see: dressing has red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, dried oregano … more? I forget (writing the 22nd). Fresh, high-quality tomatoes, English cucumber, green pepper, black olives (supposed to be Kalamata, of course, but these were I think Nicoise and were fine) and feta (I used up the French sheep milk feta on this and it was excellent).

This wine is an old friend. I keep forgetting how much I like it, and then am pleasantly reminded. It was a great choice for this dinner. We get it at the Bowl for $7.50 (less 10% b/c we always buy wines by the case there).

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