21 July 2010 – Calabrian sausage; yau choi; pilaf

I ordered this Calabrian sausage from the pop-up general store, and picked it up this evening on my way home. Before ordering, I googled “Calabrian sausage” to find out what the heck it was, and came upon this fabulous website. Look around a bit – it’s great stuff. Rosetta says the garlic in this sausage is inauthentic, but I must say, the balance of flavors, especially the perfect level of hotness, was really excellent, whether truly Calabrian or not!

I made a pilaf with the last 1/2 cup of basmati rice in the house (I think) – melt a couple pats of butter, coat the rice, add about 1 cup boiling water with a chicken boullion cube in it, cover and cook slowly till done (15 mins or so?)

Also made yau choi in R’s fashion, though without the small bit of onion he typically adds. Wash, stack, roll tightly, and slice into very thin strips (< 1/8″), then sautee briefly in oil or oil and butter. Cover and steam a bit if desired (or till the rest of the meal cooks!)

R found this at Grocery Outlet for about $5, and brought us some to try. He thought it was just so-so, but we liked it (variability among bottles is the name of the game at GroceOut), especially after it had aired awhile. We have another bottle so we can guage if it is good enough overall to buy some more, but for $5, I think it’s pretty well worth buying.

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