22 July 2010 – Store-bought pot stickers; bok choy; favas with ricotta salata

I went to the pop-up general store on Wednesday and bought some frozen Gyozas, which are potstickers, and we had half of them tonight.

The potstickers were a dozen for $11.50, plus a deposit of $1 on the nifty bamboo box they came in, which I will certainly return. You cook them directly from the freezer – a few minutes in a small bit of oil to brown the bottoms, and then 10-12 minutes of steaming, after adding a moderate serving of boiling water and closing it all up. I had a problem separating the frozen potstickers, and they still were difficult when half cooked, so I’m not sure what to do about this. Would they cook sufficiently if still stuck together through their entire cooking time? However, they were quite yummy – even the ripped ones – and I look forward to the other half of the package. I didn’t make any sauce for them, but they were delicious just as is (I thought they came with sauce – my mistake).

Three baby bok choy plants, leaves washed and spun, then cut crosswise into 1″ or sto strips and sauteed in oil for a few minutes (and salted), then a tiny bit of water added for steaming.

The end of a ricotta salata – D suggested adding this in (buying favas for it) to round out this meal, and it worked just fine. The favas were royally huge, so I blanched the hulled beans for 3 minutes before popping them out of their peels, then strewed them over the thin-sliced ricotta, peppered, and drizzled with a teaspoon of olive oil.

We had the ends of the Aglianico from last night, and the Merlot from several days ago, and both were good, though the Aglianico complained more about being stored.

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