31 July 2010 – Tomato, cheese and leek tart

This is one of our great summer dishes. It requires good tomatoes, though not necessarily fabulous ones (but of course, everything is improved by a fabulous tomato…)

This is a recipe from Paul Bertolli, and is really intended, as I recall, to be an appetizer for several people. We make it dinner for two. It starts with a pastry crust made with butter, which is refrigerated for at least 1 1/2 hours before rolling. Leeks are chopped and cooked with butter and a bit of water, salted and cooled and then used as the first layer atop the crust. On top of the leeks: torn basil, grated medium-sharp cheddar (used extra-sharp this time b/c that was in the fridge, and it was just fine), more torn basil (a total of perhaps 40 averagey leaves) and two tomatoes.

It seems to me that using very large tomatoes is a good idea for this dish, b/c the crust gets folded over them, and if they are small, they will just disappear! Bakes 400 for 50 mins. I make mine somewhat elongated to fit into our small oven.

D found a Saintsbury “Garnet” Pinot Noir in the cellar that we must have bought at Costco. It was only about $12 or so, and well worth it.

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