10 August 2010 – Foccacia and cheeses; summer tomatoes; olives

I had planned to use the rest of the grilled eggplant tonight, with a roasted red pepper and the not-really-fresh mozzarella cheese, in a grilled foccacia sandwich. Unfortunately, I ended up waiting forever for assistance at REI (worth waiting for, though) and got home about 7:15. Too late to roast, self-steam, and peel the pepper and then grill sandwiches, given D was quite hungry. So I suggested just having the foccacia with the rest of the chevre and crescenza from last night and the first night of the foccacia, and D thought that was a good idea.

I got to the Berkeley Derby St farmers’ market today for the first of the early girls from Dirty Girl farm – our favorite tomatoes. They are not nearly at their peak yet, and nature has somewhat foiled Dirty Girl’s intention to dry-farm their tomatoes, having provided quite late rains this summer. Nevertheless, they have a distinctive tomato taste already. We look forward to more (and better) of these in the coming weeks.

D brought up an old friend of a wine: Chateau Saint-Sauveur Cotes du Ventoux, and it was delightful 🙂

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