12 August 2010 – Eggplant, fresh mozzarella and red pepper puree sandwich on foccacia; chard

Wow, was this a successful experiment 🙂

D and R called to say they would be late setting up for their show, so I was on my own for dinner. I had 1/3 of the second foccacia in the freezer, and half the grilled eggplant in the fridge, plus a red pepper that I’d roasted a day or so before, and peeled and seeded. I used half of all of that in a sandwich. I still had half the odd, non-brine-packed fresh mozzarella to use, too. I made the red pepper into the puree used in the eggplant-as-bread sandwiches, spread it on the split foccacia, and added slices of the cheese and half the remaining eggplant. I grilled this in my pannini press. It was great! The cheese overmelted while I was upstairs, and some of the spilt parts that got extra-grilled can be seen next to the sandwich.

I also cooked up some pretty, multicolored chard I bought at the Berkeley Derby St. farmers’ market on Tuesday – stems first for several minutes, followed by leaves for just a couple of minutes in oil, them covered and steamed a bit till the sandwich was done.

I had the remainder of the Cotes du Ventoux with this, and it was a good match.

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