14 August 2010 – Dinner at L’Osteria del Forno in SF

As is our tradition, we went out to L’Osteria del Forno on Columbus after the American Crafts Council show. We traded bites and sometimes shared halvsies, but I did have most of this “Pasta al Forno” (penne baked with with bolongese and bechamel sauces) and I even ordered it, so it’s my official “dinner” shot:

I didn’t think this was up to their standard, unfortunately. Good enough taste, but not great texture. D and I were supposed to split the fava bean soup with dandelion greens (very tasty after salting) and “speck” (smoked(?) prosciutto, served with white beans, and arugula) but the soup came as a main course and… never mind šŸ™‚ Here they are…

The speck is my favorite thing at Osteria. This is about half of it, after I gave D the rest. There is also a bit of R’s bresaola with black mushrooms (peeking out form under the bresaola) on the lower right. It’s also an outstanding dish.

Here is R’s lamb spiedini, which is always excellent.

The wine was recommended by the owner. We all liked it, but we’ve had wines we enjoyed more here on previous visits.

Dessert was tiramisu, which R says is the best tiramisu he’s ever had. I can’t disagree with that, though I am not as much of a connoisseur.

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