3 September 2010 – Chicken, mashed potatoes and salad at the Sausalito Art Festival

I went to the Sausalito Art Festival to help D with final setup (like sweeping leaves out of the booth) and to see the show during the opening gala. There were wondrous hors d’oeuvres around that I did not photograph, but they included dim sum, thin-sliced salumi, crackers and spreadable sausage, and sushi. After the guests were eating, we were allowed into the huge, pink-lighted tent, where there were meats and veggies, as well as dessert.

I had chicken with gravy, a bit of mashed potatoes, and some squashes. Also an intriguing salad that I ate before remembering to photograph the meal. I should have gone back for more, as it was definitely the most interesting thing on the menu! It was thin-sliced lettuce with I think some carrots, too (hard to tell in the dark pinkness) and a jalapeno (canned variety) that really made it sparkle. For dessert I had two kinds of ice cream with a creamy sort of sauce over the top whose name I can’t remember. Wine flowed freely for the evening, too. I really liked the Frei (?) chard I had with dinner, though was not impressed by an earlier glass of Gallo Sonoma.

Here’s the original photo, pre-Photoshop. A challenge.

(Written the 5th)

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