10 September 2010 – Caprese salad; hard sausage, olives, and carrot

Still wallowing in the fact that we can get our favorite Dirty Girl Farm dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes. I got to go to Cheese Board for a change, and bought Gustosella mozzarella di bufalo, which is The. Best. I got basil from the garden, almost the last of it, since the newer plants never really did too well. I used a fillet and a half of anchovy, but no capers this time.

D had bought a luxury hard sausage of some kind and suggested we have it alongside the salad, which was a great idea. We ate up the last of a bunch of smallish tops-on carrots I bought awhile ago, and had some picholine (wow!) and Gaeta olives I got at Cheese Board. D was still not into making bread b/c he is working more hours at the studio… we must have had the end of the Arizmendi bread with this. We also had a really nice Bordeaux that we’ve had from time to time – very light, totally delicious. Love it!

Here’s the sausage, looking luxurious:

(Written the 14th)

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