11 September 2010 – New York steak with corn and avocado salsa; potato salad with tarragon

D and R were at the Grand Lake Market today, and we planned for D to buy me some good meat for dinner from Prather Ranch. I found a few recipes in the one of the Weber cookbooks – always excellent recipes, especially the sides – and we matched those up with what Prather had for sale, and ended up choosing this. Which was a good thing 🙂

The recipe said it took 15 minutes to set up. Ha. But it was worth the work. For the beef, you just need to oil it, and then make a rub of paprika, chili powder, oregano, and some other stuff, and grill for 6-8 minutes on high. I made the entire recipe of the salsa b/c when I looked at one ear of corn – for 1/2 recipe – it looked kinda skimpy. Could have done with 1/2 but we did eat it up mostly for dinner, and the rest for lunch the next day, still excellent. You grill the ears of corn slowly – direct, medium heat – I used about 3 minutes per turn or slightly more (relaxed about answering the timer when it went off) – for about 15 minutes. It was very tasty like that. Half the kernels and the milk (there was none, though) and a clove of garlic are pureed, and mixed with the rest of the kernels, a chopped avocado, and minced scallions. Very good stuff!

The potato salad is one I found in a Saveur summer special issue a year or so ago – “A Taste of Summer”. D mentioned that there were fingerling potatoes at the market, so he bought some of those, and I made this salad. It uses 3T of tarragon (which is difficult to obtain, tarragon being, in fact, two-dimensional) but I got only 1 1/2 or 2T from our plants before I chickened out and stopped attacking them.

You clean, halve, and boil the potatoes, and toss them immediately in a mix of vinegar (I use the plain white stuff for this!) shallots and tarragon, and S&P to taste (which I never do, but probably should). After the potatoes cool, you add 3T or so of mayonnaise. It’s terrific!

The plates are by Sally Jaffee, and we got them at the ACC show in August.

D brought up a wine he had in mind for this meal. It’s Spanish – looks kind of Moorish, but that wouldn’t make a lot of sense would it – and went very well with the meal. D says it’s a “Menthia”, which of course is actually spelled “Mencia” in non-lisp-speak.

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