7 September 2010 – Pizza from Arizmendi

Left late and there was no bread, so I decided to stop at Arizmendi, just before they closed at 7pm, and pick up a pizza.

The pizza had Roma tomatoes, onions, and gorgonzola cheese, with rosemary oil painted generously over the top. They even gave me a tiny tub of chopped parsley to toss over the cooked pizza (I bought a part-cooked version). We heated this on our stone for 5 minutes of the “5-8 minutes” instructed – I am nervous about overcooking such pizzas, having done so in the past – but in this case longer might have been better. D commented that the pizza was “doughy” and the following day a thorough re-heat of a piece in our office toaster oven made a delicious difference.

We had another Monte Antico with this and it was great.

Here’s the pizza:

(Written the 12th)

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