8 September 2010 – Pesto and bruschetta after the neighborhood meeting

We had a meeting of our neighborhood association – which, as co-chair, I led – to finalize a statement to the City Council and the Planning Commission about their plans to put 75-foot buildings encroaching on our neighborhood. Remarkably, though there were a lot of people, the highly motivated and focused group did an excellent job, and in only an hour we went home for a quick but good dinner.

Before the meeting, I popped a couple of frozen pesto cubes from last basil season out of the freezer to defrost, and chopped some tomatoes and basil for bruschetta, which I salted and put into the fridge. We had some Swiss cheese (I think an Emmentaler) and toast before the meeting to keep us going.

We had a loaf of bread from Arizmendi that I bought the previous evening. They said to put it into plastic, which worked ok b/c the bread does not have a hard crust (hard crusts soften in plastic). It was a good bread for toasting, but we found it overall not exciting in texture. It was very pretty, though.

We had the remainders from two nights of Monte Antico wine, a glass before the meeting and a shared half-bottle after. Nice wine 🙂

(Written the 14th)

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