13 September 2010 – Omelette with eggplant pesto; fresh tomato

D cooking now. I actually suggested this idea yesterday at lunch, when we had leftover eggplant pesto.

Normally D hates getting suggestions about what to cook – and I love getting them – but this suited him well, since he makes excellent omelettes, and he was happy to have something easy to cook that he knew I would enjoy. He got the eggplant pesto Saturday at the Grand Lake Farmers’ Market from a company called Bolani and we had it for lunch Sunday over a pumpkin bolani. It was entirely delicious! It worked great as an omelette stuffing, too. He cooked some zucchini, too, sauteeing it with onions as I recall. I thought we’d have that as a veggie, but he put it over top of the omelette, and it was great!

We’re back to having D’s bread again. This one had some whole wheat flour and some of the fines left over at the bottom of our huge boxes of Grape Nuts, which are too tasty and nutritious to recycle, but not great in the cereal bowl.

I guess we must have had the leftover wines with this… oh, no! We had our old friend Protocolo, which we get from the Bowl. Great table wine, and well chosen (by D) for this meal.

(Written the 18th)

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