23 September 2010 – Pork and Tapas before the Berkeley Symphony concert

D is SO on a roll… Gave our friend T our extra ticket for the Symphony, and she allowed as how she’d bring over a bottle of Sean Minor Pinot Noir, that we all had tasted at the Bowl’s second wine tasting. So D knew he had to make a meal to live up to that. did he ever – with R’s help – which, given the number of dishes needing attention, turned out to be critical to its success.

After the Kermit Party on Saturday we walked home, as usual, by way of Spanish Table, and D bought a little Tapas book that intrigued him (on sale for $5). The beans with pine nuts and lemon, and the mushrooms cooked just perfectly in I don’t know what (the best dish!) were from there, along with the tomato dish. Not sure if the grilled pork chops (from Costco, split so they were normal thickness) were a recipe or just an excellent D punt. the wine was exceptional.

More when I have time…

(Begun the 29th)

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