29 September 2010 – Egyptian Dinner ar Mezze!

Maurice, the owner of Mezze, is Egyptian, so we had confidence this would be a fascinating meal. Indeed, it was when Maurice mentioned having done an Egyptian meal (during a tasting of Eric Stauffenegger wine imports) that we decided to sign up for email alerts from Mezze. So, finally Egyptian came around again, and it was a terrific dinner.

D and I decided to have the Mahi mahi and the vegetarian lentils and rice between us. The server brought me the lentils and rice, and I ended up having mostly that for dinner. It was fabulous! The tomato sauce around the edges, listed as “traditional” with tomatoes, garlic, and vinegar, seemed to us to have more than that in it – cumin, for example. It was excellent.  D had most of the fish, which was probably my favorite, both on the menu and on the table. Most exotic was the inclusion of honey, which was very subtle, not overpowering (no sense of “sweet and sour” – you almost didn’t know it was there).

Right from the start, R wanted the game hen, served over well-flavored couscous:

We ordered only one copy of the garbanzo soup b/c it was hot soup on a hottish day, and two copies of the salad. It turned out to be a good choice, for me at least, b/c I like the salad better. Mezze’s salads are always perfectly dressed.

One of the best and most intriguing tastes of the evening was the amuse bouche, a carrot puree with cumin and who knows what else, served with perfectly toasted pitas. I was too interested in eating it to grab a photo before this point:

Last but definitely not least (but what could be least??) was the dessert:

We chose an Eric Stauffenegger wine to go with the meal, and it was a great match:

Our opinion of the dinner is exemplified by the following picture:

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